Who am I

My name is Teodor Mircea Ionita, born in beautiful Romania. I wander around the inter-tubes using the nom-de-guerre Shinnok. I chose this alias way back when I was a young netizen and one of my favorite games at the time was Mortal Kombat. Shinnok was the ultimate boss character, a fallen elder god, with incredible super-powers and the ability to impersonate any other character in the game. In my opinion, Shinnok was the best character so naturally, I started using that handle online and I stuck with it till this day.

What do I do

I am an Open Source advocate and developer, Unix junkie and sysadmin and if the job asks for it, a web developer. I am also into independent security research focusing on areas like network/computer security, reverse engineering, application vulnerability research and exploit development, fuzzing, malware analysis, forensics and network vulnerabilities and exploitation. In the end, I guess I'm interested and get involved in a lot of interesting opportunities regarding information technology and security, software development and the internet technologies and it tends to get really messy when I try to explain in a limited number of words wtf I am doing or interested in. :-)

As a matter of fact, I think I have a passion for gathering knowledge on literally everything cool in this universe, studying and reading resources on a wide variety of topics and exploring new fields and ideas does not scare me. For e.g. I enjoy reading about time travel or survival tactics while doing a mass scan of internet hosts or fixing a segmentation fault, while chewing on a gigantic bag of popcorn and getting drunk in the backround&, just for fun.

Update: Some years have passed since I wrote that and I'm a bit farther down the road now, thus I tend to prize focus a lot more nowadays. I'm trying to be more selective in what I choose to pursue and the drunk in the background part is not so much of a thing now. Nonetheless, I'm still actively switching my focus to fresh topics such as embedded systems and open hardware, considering that specialization is for insects.

If you want to know me more poke at the Rants section of the website, it's my personal blog. Take me there!

What about this website

I use this website as a repository to publish and keep track of my public projects and work and to keep some of my useful stuff (like cheatsheets or code snippets) aggregated into a single place. It's nice to have what I think is useful somewhere handy and easily accessible and hopefully, some other people will find it that way too. I occasionally announce, write or post interesting or funny things on my blog, Shinnok's Rants, which is available under /rants/.

My (really) old website, #The Code, can be found here.

Contact & Follow

irc : shinnok on freenode mainly on #backtrack-linux, #linux, #debian, #ubuntu, #openwall, #nmap and #qt

E-mail : nqzva@fuvaabx.pbz

PGP key : shinnok.asc

Twitter :