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Heya there,

This is my first post so let’s start with the reason why this WordPress based blog-weblog was started.

If you are blogging than you are using WordPress for sure!…..riiiiiight

The motivation is simple:

I just wanted an easier way to share my words,works,thoughts,findings and ideas with others than just simple plain text editing html files which gets quite boring at some point,especially if you want rich functionality,usability,media embedding,etc. So i had my Rants section since the website was online but i never actually exploited it to it’s fullest potential,from the content providing point of view, out of my laziness and other selfish reasons and of-course because of the time consuming methods of the past used in web development,publishing and maintenance that i quite enjoyed and felt they were enough,till now. So let’s just say that i was so lucky to avoid Web 2.0 that long from a personal point of view , a thing of which i am quite proud of. 🙂

Now despite all of the improved user experience,features and functionalities that you get while embracing Fail 2.0,excuse me,Web 2.0 there is also another side that you have to embrace and take responsability for.Here goes my pledge: I have to recognize that i am taking full responsibility for embracing the Web 2.0 “mentality” and tools because if you use Web 2.0 then you increase your changes of getting pwned with a not so easy to ignore %(percentage for the illiterate ones).For the sake of a lame explanation let’s consider what i was using and was needed before with my old HTML/XHTML website in order to run,excluding the hosting provided services,because if vulnerabilities exist in those,i hope not though,than my website could get pwned through another’s “room door” and this is not the point of discussion here.Lame explanation:

Old HTML/XHTML Rants site:

  • HTML/XHTML code

New WP-based Rants site:

  • HTML/XHTML code

  • PHP code 🙁

  • cookies 🙁

Now i hope you do realize that with those two new-comers i am making myself vulnerable to:

Web 2.0 sucks image

Come on it’s not that bad. I am not trying to scare anyone. As it is said with greater security comes less functionality and usability and what i was trying to prove here is exactly the other way around of this very true saying.With greater functionality and usability comes less security. I hope you get the point here and if not then let me tell you that you are stupid!

Ok i made this first post already too long and i deviated from the original subject. Ok. Maybe a little more…you true bloggers can laugh now at my blogginfu! Yes i give you my permission. Go on laugh…Fuck you though! 😆 true bloggers…

As i said i have gone too far with the first post and this could be a ten pages discussion the way i see it and for the moment i lack the skill to summarize important and not so easy to define/explain subjects and concepts in a few words,therefore i will end it here and leave you think and discover the rest.Remember though! Google is your friend.


Yes i do hate the hole concept of blogging and bloggers but hey! – yes the sentence ended.

I wish you all a good reading and for the illiterate ones a nice jerk off at the pretty chracters and imagis on your screen!

PS: I hope i will develop my willingness to write better and more because at this starting point i am already tired of writing and publishing. Oh and sorry for any spelin’ or gammar mistakes that i might make,English is not my native language. 😀

– Shinnok

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