Fail ads

Check out this two failed ads that i found while browsing youtube:

fail_ad11Access your own computer now??!?WTF?


So,Acunetix,this is how you promote your scanner nowadays uh?Free Web Hacking Hacker Hackers Hack Hacks Cracks Leet Hax Web Vulnerability Scanner right?…riiight…


2 Responses to “Fail ads”

  1. alakazam says:

    It’s not actually a failure. If their marketing is concentrating on people with less computer savy it means that they probably know what their doing and that those people make a better market segment then other potential customers. Thus spoke Zarathustra.

    • Shinnok says:

      Hmmm…to me it’s still a failure because they should have been promoting security and not hack, hacks, hacking, hax and web haxxorz. :))
      But as you’ve put it,money speak for themselves and if a little bit of shame doesn’t hurt the sales guys then that’s the way it is.

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