Yes that’s right, a full blown Linux distribution. It will be based on debian base packages with ubuntu repositories integration. I am pretty glad about this because it will make Backtrack much more comfortable to use as an installed Linux distribution on hdd. What exactly do i mean by comfortable:

  • up-to-date kernel
  • package updates
  • security updates
  • easy installation of new packages/applications

All of this summarizes in just two words package-management which is very important for a day to day usage of an installed on disk Linux distribution and keeps you mentally and physically in great form. 😈

You can read more about this transition to a full blown distribution here and here and yes it’s “official” because it comes from muts.

Finally for your enjoyment a collection of Backtrack4 wallpapers from the remote-exploit forum:

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3 Responses to “Backtrack 4 will be a full blown distribution”

  1. alakazam says:

    Ubuntu is not bad at all, along with the great package management it has great support also, so you can save alot of time. Also, there are other important figures from the Linux world who migrated to Ubuntu: Eric S Raymond

  2. Charles Norrie says:

    Ubuntu is quite wonderful. Please reply to all news articles mentioning the Conficker virus saying that if users installed Ubuntu, they’d never have to patch their computers again.

    Get the message out. We all benefit by persuading people to move to Linux!

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