aXXo still the No.1 enemy of Hollywood


Scene stealer: The aXXo files

To Hollywood executives, he’s public enemy number one. To film fans around the world, he’s a modern-day Robin Hood. As the internet’s most prolific pirate makes his 1,000th illegal film download available to the masses, Tim Walker investigates the mysterious figure known only as aXXo.

No matter what these guys say or write i still think aXXo is doing a good thing for humanity. He is a legend and will remain so and i hope they will never catch him. Besides bringing joy and entertainment to people at the cost of his freedom he is also a professional and set a standard on the pirate underworld that inspired others to follow(KLAXXON, FXG). You can be sure that every release that he makes is of quality, convenience, consistency and trustworthy. That’s why people look forward and enjoy his work more than of anyone else. No bullshit, no headaches. It’s called professional service. Although you generally must pay for a service, this one is free.


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  1. Chuck Norris says:

    Yeah, but didn’t he retired? At least, this is what I know…plus the fact that the new releases signed “AXXO” are all fake.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if Hollywood pays guys, or are special jobs consisting in the sabotage of p2p networks, like making fake torrents, disinformational comments and related stuff like that. 🙂

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