Free Rapidshare premium accounts

Did you know that there are a bunch of websites out there that give out free rapidshare premium accounts(dumps) almost daily?
Well i am going to give you 2 examples and the method i used to find them.

1. – updated with new accounts several times a day with new accounts usually containing tens of gigs of traffic left and usually Secured, needed because of morons who try to takeout the accounts for themselves. The blog has high traffic so the rs accounts get nulled pretty fast. The nulled accounts are marked with an – on the website.

2. – pretty new blog updated almost daily with usually big(dozens) secured and non-secured rapidshare dumps. The downside of posting non-secured accounts, as stated before, is that most of them(all in fact) are taken over in a matter of minute by morons who don’t like to share but to just OWN. Assholes.


Well the method is so simple yet so powerful that it almost breaks your heart that you didn’t think of it earlier. 😛 Simplicity, not as in dumb and lazy(if you get the point), is the way to power and effectiveness.





Yes that’s it! Pretty lame you might think huh? Well i assure you it’s not since i found a dozen of sites like those ones up there and forum posts that fullfilled my rapidshare warez,crack,hack,fuck wishes for the next 6 months. 😆

And if you’re not that retarded and know a little about google operators/google-fu you can expand on those searches and create even more effective queries and then start browsing through the results and figure out which websites are for real dumps and bookmark them. Please do check several accounts from a single website or forum post, since many get taken over either be assholes or by their owners(if they are stolen) or rs changes the account password because of too many different geographical logins to the same account. Do not remove the past24 hours option in the search because it constitues 50% out of the google-fu behind the search(if you can’t figure out why don’t worry…just leave it there…but do worry about you beeing stupid though).


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