Microsoft’s Lawful Spying Guide

As it happened to Yahoo in early december last year, with the leakage of  Yahoo Lawful Spying Guide, this week a document describing Microsoft’s services and compliance guide to authorities requests(Microsoft’s Lawful Spying Guide, if i may) has been leaked over the webs. Déjà vu!

Cryptome was the first to publish it and Microsoft was nonetheless slow in acting upon it by dropping charges against John Young, Cryptome’s owner. Cryptome was briefly shut down but now it’s in full steam again.

You can grab the document for your own personal enjoyment from Cryptome or Wikileaks.


The reason why most of the photo editing tools suck

Try and zoom out your browser page(ctrl+mousewheel down) or save the image and try to resize it with your favourite image editing tool. See what happens. 🙂

Including Photoshop.


Fucking Windows

Norcal Internet Services

The best online compiler

An AIO web tool for angry geeks:

What ideone can do:

  • Online pastebin
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Online compiler with output and debugging
  • Supports most programming languages you might be interested in(40 in numbers)

All in all it is a great tool to have under your belt.

If you are a ferocious hacker then you can give a try at hacking the sandbox that runs the compiled code and own the server. 😆


Google open source projects dump

35 Google open-source projects that you probably don’t know

If that link got you horny then you can browse the entire list of google open source projects by following this link.