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Yep they do.

Base reward is 500$ but if ones find is rated as critical/severe/clever the reward is raised to 1337$. ๐Ÿ™‚

They are not the only ones nor the pay rate is not that awesome but stillย  more sw companies engaging into such rewards for vulnerabilities is nothing but good news since slowly this might turn into an industry standard.

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How to write a paper in college/university

1. Sit in a straight, comfortable chair in a well lit place in front of your computer.

2. Log onto MSN and ICQ (be sure to go on away!). Check your email.

3. Read over the assignment carefully, to make certain you understand it.

4. Walk down to the vending machines and buy some chocolate to help you concentrate.

5. Check your email.

6. Call up a friend and ask if he/she wants to go to grab a coffee.ย  Just to get settled down and ready to work.

7. When you get back to your room, sit in a straight, comfortable chair in a clean, well lit place.

8. Read over the assignment again to make absolutely certain you understand it.

9. Check your email.

10. You know, you haven’t written to that kid you met at camp since fourth grade. You’d better write that letter now and get it out of the way so you can concentrate.

11. Look at your teeth in the bathroom mirror.

12. Grab some mp3z off of kazaa.

13. Check your email. ANY OF THIS SOUND FAMILIAR YET?!

14. MSN chat with one of your friends about the future. (ie summer plans).

15. Check your email.

16. Listen to your new mp3z and download some more.

17. Phone your friend on the other floor and ask if she’s started writing yet. Exchange derogatory emarks about your prof, the
course, the college, the world at large.

18. Walk to the store and buy a pack of gum. You’ve probably run out.

19. While you’ve got the gum you may as well buy a magazine and read it.

20. Check your email.

21. Check the newspaper listings to make sure you aren’t missing something truly worthwhile on TV.

22. Play some solitare (or age of legends!).

23. Check out bored.com.

24. Wash your hands.

25. Call up a friend to see how much they have done, probably haven’t started either.

26. Look through your housemate’s book of pictures from home. Ask who everyone is.

27. Sit down and do some serious thinking about your plans for the future.

28. Check to see if bored.com has been updated yet.

29. Check your email and listen to your new mp3z.

30. You should be rebooting by now, assuming that windows is crashing on schedule.

31. Read over the assignment one more time, just for heck of it.

32. Scoot your chair across the room to the window and watch the sunrise.

33. Lie face down on the floor and moan.

34. Punch the wall and break something.

35. Check your email.

36. Mumble obscenities.

37. 5am – start hacking on the paper without stopping. 6am -paper is finished.

38. Complain to everyone that you didn’t get any sleep because you had to write that stupid paper.

39. Go to class, hand in paper, and leave right away so you can take a nap.


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  • Lawyer: “Doctor, before you performed the autopsy, did you check for a pulse?”
  • Witness: “No.”
  • Lawyer: “Did you check for blood pressure?”
  • Witness: “No.”
  • Lawyer: “Did you check for breathing?”
  • Witness: “No.”
  • Lawyer: “So, then it is possible that the patient was alive when you began the autopsy?”
  • Witness: “No.”
  • Lawyer: “How can you be so sure, Doctor?”
  • Witness: “Because his brain was sitting on my desk in a jar.”
  • Lawyer: “But could the patient have still been alive nevertheless?”
  • Witness: “Yes, it is possible that he could have been alive and practicing law somewhere.”
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SHODAN – the computer search engine

SOHDAN is a computer search engine in the sense that it lets you search for computers/servers/routers by strings in the default banners spitted on the following currently supported ports:

  • HTTP 80
  • SSH 22
  • FTP 21
  • TELNET 23

A couple of basic filters have been implemented:

  • “port:” –ย  narrow search by port
  • “country:” – narrow searches by country
  • “hostname:” – match for specific strings in hostnames
  • “net:” –ย  narrow searches to specific ips or subnets
  • “os:” – narrow searches to specific operating systems

Put in basic words it is an immense database of ready scanned hosts for you to … oh well, you know what to do. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The annoying thing is that you have to login to view more then one page of results or to use the net: filter, but i am sure that achillean had strong enough reasons to do that. Nonetheless the SHODAN is a great new type of search engine.

A couple of example searches:

Of course you can expand on those and create more specific searches, that’s where the power of SHODAN relies, actually knowing what you are searching for and being specific about it.

Here is a brief intro from Shmoocon on what you can or cannot do with SHODAN:

The NeoPwn Mobile Pentesting project is proud to announce that it is merging with BackTrack, to produce the first ever BackTrack Mobile suite!

The migration of the NeoPwn project will give way to a sharp development team, focused on fully supporting the Nokia N900 mobile phone. Future plans of the project will extend support for other mobile devices as they become compatible.



What more could i add, Nokia N900 is already like the god of MIDs(linux + full networking capabilities + smartphone) and add on top of that a mobile distribution of backtrack, you get the coolest mobile pwning device i could think of.

All we can do now is wait for the actual implementation to better judge how usable and efficient it will be. I hope for the best though.

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