Seeker is a powerful web application vulnerability scanning tool that uses a ground breaking technology, BRITE™ (Behavioral Runtime Intelligent Testing Engine) that enables comprehensive searches for application vulnerabilities.

After identifying vulnerabilities it automatically exploits them and reports the results in a video.

Seeker comprises unmatched innovative technologies that generate zero false positives and enables tests of complex applications within several minutes.

Seeker assimilates seamlessly into the application environment while it learns the application behavior from the inside, Identifying problematic code that no other existing tool can find.

Seeker is intuitive and automated; it does not demand technological or security knowledge more than at the beginner level, thus providing a strong and robust secure solution for QA and development teams at all levels.

Seeker gives its operator visibility regarding the routes followed by the tested application, and is able to track code flow through synchronous and asynchronous tiers and components in distributed architectures.

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