The perfect wallpapers

Here are two simple, minimalist wallpapers that I’ve been using for quite some time now:

Minimalist Black

Minimalist Blue

The great thing about these two wallpapers is that they ares so simple in nature and easy on the eyes but at the some time solid, almost materialistic like, that it gives you a calm warm sensation just by looking at them, which makes them perfect as a desktop wallpaper. It doesn’t distract you and it kind of makes you feel like reorganizing your desktop, in case it’s full of clutter like mine was.

For more minimalistic wallpapers you can give a try.

For more groovy wallpapers you should visit and Easily the best wallpaper sites around.

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Bookmark collection moved

I just moved my hacking collection of bookmarks from the page on this blog to the main site stuff section, since keeping here as a blog page didn’t make much sense. I’ve left a link on the upper page navigation menu though, for convenience and backwards compatibility. 🙂

PS: I also added a version number for easier version tracking. The current release is 0.3, since I’ve only updated the collection 3 times, as far as I can remember.

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Java 4-Ever: The Movie

Yes I know it’s a bit old, but I stumbled on it again and couldn’t resist because it seems to provoke some kind of nerdgasm amongst techies. Funny as hell and incredibly well done.

Also enjoy a HN thread pertaining to this video, to get an idea of how the crowd reacted when this video popped up.

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IBM Model M keyboard

I’ve yet to see a keyboard that beats this one at least at one category that mater in keyboards, sound, feeling, mechanics or endurance. This model has it all. However, the original produced by IBM is not in production anymore, but rest assured, since a company named Unicomp purchased the rights and still produces this famous Model M, along with other cool keyboards. However, since the keyboards are so enduring and high quality, their business does not run that well and to quote from Wikipedia article on IBM Model M:

Unicomp has had difficulty making them profitable because they rarely break, and most retailers will not stock such an expensive keyboard.


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Kill Dash Nine

Kill Dash Nine” is a tech rap or Nerdcore/Geeksta piece, as it’s known lately, song performed by Monzy. Here’s a live performance shot outside Stanford University’s Computer Science building:

The song as a whole is not that great, but the lyrics are geeky enough. A couple of juicy verses:

I'll chown your home and take your access away
Comin' straight outta Stanford, ain't nobody tougher,
Control-X, Control-C, I'll discard your fuckin' buffer.
You're outside your scope, son, close them curly brackets,
'Cause I drop punk-ass bitches like a modem drops packets.
You're the tertiary storage; I'm the L1 cache.
With my finger on the trigger I run ./configure
Yo, this package is big, but MY package is bigger.
And I do a bounds check before I write to an array.

Mp3 and full Lyrics here.

“My flow is so intense, I’ll overload your buffer, corrupt your stack pointer, making all your data suffer.”

Do I seem bored? 🙂

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