Tingling the nerd in you

Infosec and devops can be fun, with the right mindset, so take a step back and appreciate it:




Java 4-Ever: The Movie



Yes I know it’s a bit old, but I stumbled on it again and couldn’t resist because it seems to provoke some kind of nerdgasm amongst techies. Funny as hell and incredibly well done.

Also enjoy a HN thread pertaining to this video, to get an idea of how the crowd reacted when this video popped up.

The trailer’s original source: http://jz10.java.no/java-4-ever-trailer.html


Kill Dash Nine

Kill Dash Nine” is a CS rap or Nerdcore/Geeksta, as it’s known lately, song performed by Monzy. Here’s a live performance shot outside Stanford University’s Computer Science building:


The song as a whole is not that great, but the lyrics are geeky enough. A couple of juicy verses:

I'll chown your home and take your access away
Comin' straight outta Stanford, ain't nobody tougher,
Control-X, Control-C, I'll discard your fuckin' buffer.
You're outside your scope, son, close them curly brackets,
'Cause I drop punk-ass bitches like a modem drops packets.
You're the tertiary storage; I'm the L1 cache.
With my finger on the trigger I run ./configure
Yo, this package is big, but MY package is bigger.
And I do a bounds check before I write to an array.

Mp3 and full Lyrics here.

“My flow is so intense, I’ll overload your buffer, corrupt your stack pointer, making all your data suffer.”

Do I seem bored? Neah. Just for fun! 🙂


The only valid measurement of code quality: WTFs/minute


Zynga games commercials


Math Teacher Halloween Prank