The NeoPwn Mobile Pentesting project is proud to announce that it is merging with BackTrack, to produce the first ever BackTrack Mobile suite!

The migration of the NeoPwn project will give way to a sharp development team, focused on fully supporting the Nokia N900 mobile phone. Future plans of the project will extend support for other mobile devices as they become compatible.


What more could i add, Nokia N900 is already like the god of MIDs(linux + full networking capabilities + smartphone) and add on top of that a mobile distribution of backtrack, you get the coolest mobile pwning device i could think of.

All we can do now is wait for the actual implementation to better judge how usable and efficient it will be. I hope for the best though.

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BackTrack 4 beta released

bt4_logo ^^

You can read more about the release here.

( have mercy on the webserver 😆 )

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Yes that’s right, a full blown Linux distribution. It will be based on debian base packages with ubuntu repositories integration. I am pretty glad about this because it will make Backtrack much more comfortable to use as an installed Linux distribution on hdd. What exactly do i mean by comfortable:

  • up-to-date kernel
  • package updates
  • security updates
  • easy installation of new packages/applications

All of this summarizes in just two words package-management which is very important for a day to day usage of an installed on disk Linux distribution and keeps you mentally and physically in great form. 😈

You can read more about this transition to a full blown distribution here and here and yes it’s “official” because it comes from muts.

Finally for your enjoyment a collection of Backtrack4 wallpapers from the remote-exploit forum:

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