On 25 Feb. a nice set of documents used by Microsoft in aiding the law enforcement authorities with forensics related to Windows Vista and Window 7 were leaked and first published on Public Intelligence.

They are a good read and explain a lot of what Microsoft does and does not do to keep your privacy in place and what kind of risks you are exposed when using these two operating systems and with a little background in security for your self you can start defending your privacy better.

The documents provide a great forensics insight and if you do care about your privacy then you should read them.

Free COFEE from Microsoft!

If you are working for a law enforcement agency,that is.

And yes it’s COFEE not cofee:

➡  caffe latte from microsoft

➡  i want some more

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This one:

Not Peter Gutmann’s 35 pass which will take like 2 months to complete on an 1TB hdd. I always thought that 1-3 passes is just enough to make any long enough sequence of important bytes unrecoverable and here or here you  can find proof.


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