When WoW becomes personal

The video description:

A girl who played World of Warcraft died in real life and the friends she had met in the game planned an in-game funeral for her. They posted about the event on the message boards and urged people not to bust it up. I don’t think I need to explain what happened; the video speaks for itself.

I didn’t make the video. I just uploaded it.

The video:

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Game animator and stuntman

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Quake Live

Classic game Quake III will be re-released for the web browser on Tuesday, highlighting the rapid development in web games.

It runs inside browsers after the installation of a software plug-in.

“It is a significant step which proves browser games can be sophisticated,” said Michael French, editor of games industry magazine Develop.

Quake Live is a version of a PC game which was first launched in 1999.

The game is being released free of charge for browsers by id Software, and is supported by advertising. It opens to the public as a beta later on Tuesday.


I especially like the free part but as for the ideea of playing a game like quake in the browser i can’t really say that i am attracted too or see lots of benefits out of it(besides playing it at the office because installing a game at the office allways tends to be a little tricky), but i am not the only person on this earth so who cares if there are other millions who would enjoy it and lots money to be made out of it.

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World of Goo


Sick fucking game…but interesting too. 😆


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How To Throw a Gamer Party?


I didn’t know that there are rules or even steps for just throwing a gamer party?!?!

But it seems there are and a lot of courtesy is assigned to the steps required to complete such a task! At least for this guy who took the patience to write them.

Cross your fingers and start reading. 🙄

I don’t know about you but the way i see it such way of throwing a gamer party might just fuck up your mood for gaming with friends. To me it looks like one of those “How to get a girl in less than 5 months – for dummies” for those virgin socially retarded guys who can’t manage to get one by themselves.But to me it just sounds strange that there are persons(gamers) out there who can’t even get their friends(gamers also) together for a gamer party.It sucks!

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