IBM Model M keyboard

I’ve yet to see a keyboard that beats this one at least at one category that mater in keyboards, sound, feeling, mechanics or endurance. This model has it all. However, the original produced by IBM is not in production anymore, but rest assured, since a company named Unicomp purchased the rights and still produces this famous Model M, along with other cool keyboards. However, since the keyboards are so enduring and high quality, their business does not run that well and to quote from Wikipedia article on IBM Model M:

Unicomp has had difficulty making them profitable because they rarely break, and most retailers will not stock such an expensive keyboard.


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Adesso AKP-170 Keypad Mouse

Adesso AKP-170 - Keypad Mouse

Adesso AKP-170 - Keypad Mouse

Really ingenious i must say. Usefull and convenient for those who need a keypad that bad for their laptop.

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Read this fine analysis of Raidon Staray-S Series hardware encrypted hdds  on Heise Security:

Budget encryption – Attacking a weak crypto system

So next time think again, read about it, investigate it before buying such a hdd and trusting it with your most precious data.

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History of Netbooks from Ars Techinca, part I

The netbook has taken off over the last year, but fifteen years of drama preceded the current success. In Part I of The State of the Netbook, Ars explores the surprisingly long history of the “new” form factor.

➡  The State of the Netbook, Part I: WEee have lived before

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Cool computer systems,only geeks allowed!

More here.

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When wide screen sucks?

Well they suck at almost everything that is not related to entertainment in my opinion and this article sums it up pretty nice:

The myth of width: When wide screens don’t work

It’s pretty scary that almost all the new laptops as well as new monitors come with a wide screen display nowadays. I see them everywhere in IT offices on employees desktops and let met tell you one thing: It sucks to do programming on such evil displays! In fact it sucks to do almost anything interesting and serious on such displays. How the heck am I going to write some serious piece of C code on such a thing:


It’s evil! 😡

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In the the Nevada desert outside of Las Vegas during CES 2009, overclockers Sampsa & SF3D from Team Finland and Pete Hardman and Sami Makinen from AMD, use a combination of liquid nitrogen and liquid helium to reach CPU tempertures of -232 degrees Celsius in order to attain CPU clock speeds of 6.5GHz and smashing the world record for 3DMarks with 45,474 3DMarks in a test.

500 litres of liquid helium for this experiment right? … uh

I especially enjoy the part where they pour liquid helium on to their heads. \o/

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