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When wide screen sucks?

Well they suck at almost everything that is not related to entertainment in my opinion and this article sums it up pretty nice:

The myth of width: When wide screens don’t work

It’s pretty scary that almost all the new laptops as well as new monitors come with a wide screen display nowadays. I see them everywhere in IT offices on employees desktops and let met tell you one thing: It sucks to do programming on such evil displays! In fact it sucks to do almost anything interesting and serious related to IT on such displays. How the fuck am i going to write some serious piece of C code on such a thing:


?!?!??!? It’s evil! 😡


AMD Phenom II Overclocked to 6.5GHz – New World Record for 3DMark

In the the Nevada desert outside of Las Vegas during CES 2009, overclockers Sampsa & SF3D from Team Finland and Pete Hardman and Sami Makinen from AMD, use a combination of liquid nitrogen and liquid helium to reach CPU tempertures of -232 degrees Celsius in order to attain CPU clock speeds of 6.5GHz and smashing the world record for 3DMarks with 45,474 3DMarks in a test.

500 litres of liquid helium for this experiment right? … uh

I especially enjoy the part when they pour liquid helium on to their heads. \o/