Java 4-Ever: The Movie



Yes I know it’s a bit old, but I stumbled on it again and couldn’t resist because it seems to provoke some kind of nerdgasm amongst techies. Funny as hell and incredibly well done.

Also enjoy a HN thread pertaining to this video, to get an idea of how the crowd reacted when this video popped up.

The trailer’s original source:



This is an old one but still served well for those who don’t know about it.It is one of the biggest black holes i’ve ever seen:

I know you might think that this is nothing but a hoax,a prank or a joke but i am sorry to announce that it is not…

In this video i think it is safe to say that FOX News “almost” reached the performances of The Onion News Network by mistake.Oh,by the way,ONN’s youtube channel is one of the few things i quite enjoy on youtube so be sure to check it out as well as The Onion Movie.