On 25 Feb. a nice set of documents used by Microsoft in aiding the law enforcement authorities with forensics related to Windows Vista and Window 7 were leaked and first published on Public Intelligence.

They are a good read and explain a lot of what Microsoft does and does not do to keep your privacy in place and what kind of risks you are exposed when using these two operating systems and with a little background in security for your self you can start defending your privacy better.

The documents provide a great forensics insight and if you do care about your privacy then you should read them.

Microsoft’s Lawful Spying Guide

As it happened to Yahoo in early december last year, with the leakage of  Yahoo Lawful Spying Guide, this week a document describing Microsoft’s services and compliance guide to authorities requests(Microsoft’s Lawful Spying Guide, if i may) has been leaked over the webs. Déjà vu!

Cryptome was the first to publish it and Microsoft was nonetheless slow in acting upon it by dropping charges against John Young, Cryptome’s owner. Cryptome was briefly shut down but now it’s in full steam again.

You can grab the document for your own personal enjoyment from Cryptome or Wikileaks.

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