Java 4-Ever: The Movie



Yes I know it’s a bit old, but I stumbled on it again and couldn’t resist because it seems to provoke some kind of nerdgasm amongst techies. Funny as hell and incredibly well done.

Also enjoy a HN thread pertaining to this video, to get an idea of how the crowd reacted when this video popped up.

The trailer’s original source:


Juicy geeky insight into the Tron Legacy movie

I just stumbled across a cool post by Josh Nimoy a special effects artist who did work on software art for the the movie Tron Legacy. I’m sharing this because I think it is not so often that we get this kind of juicy insight into these processes that go on in the backstage at Hollywood. You will find out why nmap was rejected from featuring into the movie and why emacs(sorry vim users :-P) was selected as well as many other interesting facts and screenshots. Take the jump, it’s worth it:


GUI interface using visual basic to track the killers IP address

From the utterly lame series of CSI:


A movie in a minute

If you’re feeling kinda’ bored right now and started browsing for stupid things around the web to get you entertained and finish that coffee then wander no more, because Movie-A-Minute is here to help you in that process.


Leonardo DiCaprio

Your social class is stuffy. Let’s dance with the ship’s rats and have fun.

Kate Winslet

You have captured my heart. Let’s run around the ship and giggle.

(The ship SINKS.)

Leonardo DiCaprio

Never let go.

Kate Winslet

I promise. (lets go)


The Matrix

Keanu Reeves

Hey everybody, look! Look at me! I’m in a movie that doesn’t suck!



Keanu Reeves

Yes, it’s true! Not only that, despite my total lack of acting ability, I very nearly didn’t suck in this movie!




Top Gun

(There are LOTS of JETS.)

Tom Cruise

I am handsome and cool.

Val Kilmer

No, I am handsome and cool.

(They get all moody with each other.)

Tom Cruise

I almost got you killed, so now we’re friends.

Val Kilmer

Yes. I like you.


For more head to Movie-A-Minute.


Al Pacino Impersonation

One of the best:

Scarface Impersonation Restaurant Skit:

And a parody for the apartment drug deal scene in Scarface:


What is the reason for this lame post? Well i like Al Pacino and he’s movies and it will be a shame not to have a post dedicated to him. 🙂

Some of my favs: