The New Dork – Jay-Z ft Alicia Keys spoof

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The lyrics.

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Code Monkey

Awesome! Made my day.

There isn’t much stuff like this about us geeks, if you ask me, this should change. We are already like 3% of the entire earth population. 👿

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Enjoy a little bit of lame fun

With iDaft the daft punk’s console.

You don’t necessarily need to be a techno/electro listener, you just have to be bored enough to enjoy some lame fun. 👿

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Music with only Windows sounds

Every sound you will heard comes from windows,no really it coming from windows,watch:

WTF? Anyway it seems that the text from the beginning has been checked with only Microsoft’s Spell Checker too. 😆 (btw,i think the guy was really bored when he did that song)

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