Random Key Generator Online

Here you will find a variety of random keys that can be used for passwords, encryption keys, etc. – all randomly generated, just for you! Simply refresh this page for a completly new set of keys.



HTML Playground

Htmlplayground.com is a neat online tool that gives you the ability to test and play with your html/css skills as well as improve them. If you don’t have anything to improve( 🙂 ) then it is a great tool to accompany you in the learning process along with the w3c resources.


The best online compiler

An AIO web tool for angry geeks:


What ideone can do:

  • Online pastebin
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Online compiler with output and debugging
  • Supports most programming languages you might be interested in(40 in numbers)

All in all it is a great tool to have under your belt.

If you are a ferocious hacker then you can give a try at hacking the sandbox that runs the compiled code and own the server. 😆