The best online compiler

An AIO web tool for angry geeks:

What ideone can do:

  • Online pastebin
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Online compiler with output and debugging
  • Supports most programming languages you might be interested in(40 in numbers)

All in all it is a great tool to have under your belt.

If you are a ferocious hacker then you can give a try at hacking the sandbox that runs the compiled code and own the server. 😆

The Rubber Duck debugging method

We called it the Rubber Duck method of debugging. It goes like this:

1) Beg, borrow, steal, buy, fabricate or otherwise obtain a rubber duck
(bathtub variety)
2) Place rubber duck on desk and inform it you are just going to go over
some code with it, if that’s all right.
3) Explain to the duck what you code is supposed to do, and then go into
detail and explain things line by line
4) At some point you will tell the duck what you are doing next and then
realise that that is not in fact what you are actually doing. The duck
will sit there serenely, happy in the knowledge that it has helped you
on your way.

Works every time. Actually, if you don’t have a rubber duck you could at
a pinch ask a fellow programmer or engineer to sit in.


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Everyone is a developer nowadays

Tom Hawkins wrote:
> Such a database would help me counter by boss’s
> argument that “it’s impossible to find and hire Haskell programmers.”
There was a thread last week where someone asked who would be interested
in a hypothetical Haskell job. He got about 20 positive responses.
This agrees with the experience of Microsoft Research in 2006 when they
advertised for a third person to help with GHC development. They also
had about 20 applicants.

So next time I hear the “you can’t get the programmers” line I’m going
to respond with something like this:

“If you post an advert for a Haskell developer you will get 20
applicants. All of those people will be the kind of developer who
learns new programming languages to improve their own abilities and
stretch themselves, because nobody yet learns Haskell just to get a job.

“If you post an advert for a Java developer you will get 200
applicants. Most of them will be the kind of developer who learned
Java because there are lots of Java jobs out there, and as long as
they know enough to hold down a job then they see no reason to learn

from here

Although that is not entirely true since Haskell is taught in  functional programming college classes around the world you must ignore the Haskell orientation of the statements and get the general idea, which i will try to explain the way i see it:

There are herds of web, java, c# developers out there and i mean lots and lots of them. Being a developer/programmer is not a privileged nor a valued position anymore nowadays, but instead, being a good programmer, has become a privilege and a problem too. The amount of bad code(from all standpoints) that you can find lying around the net or in closed source applications is of astronomical proportions and what is disgusting is the fact the individuals to whom the code belongs consider themselves Professional Developers/Programmers. This is a problem now and it will develop even more in the future as longs as the IT industry continues to expand and of course as long as everyone owns an IT company and also everyone is a programmer. Just as a simple analogy: Take into account the massive explosion of Web stuff in the last years(WEB 2.0 PHP,ASP,JS,SQL). What do you think came exactly after that? The massive explosion of WEB vulnerabilities and total chaos in the WEB world. And that is because everyone has a website to show the world even the most stupidest things that exist on this earth. If you don’t have a website than don’t worry proceed to the next two statements. Everyone of course knows how to code a website, especially a WEB2.0 website using of course php, asp, js, sql. And if someone doesn’t know how to code his own website then that’s not a problem…he most certainly has a programmer guru friend and if that is not the case then again don’t worry because everyone has a WEB Development Company and will do a crappy lame site in exchange for money in no time.  Oh but where do i put my website? Well if your not a leet admin too, then again relax, everyone has a Hosting Company too nowadays so in exchange for money you will get fucked up hosting too, but you can’t notice it because you don’t have the skillz excluding the case when a lame domain hosted along yours and hundreds others on the same crappy server will lead to the pwnage of all of the webpages hosted on it, because then you will notice.

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Write in C

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Breaking news in the programming world!

In the hospital yesterday, an operator of thirteen characters was successfully removed from a patient — a web developer from near Baltimore; but as most unfortunately the surgeons had opened him in the wrong place, under the impression that he contained a stack trace, he died. The sad event has cast a gloom over the whole community.

From an article about Haskell ➡

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X# – XML oriented programming language

What is X#?

X# (pronounced X-sharp) is a domain specific language designed to quickly create Web applications and services. In X# everything is represented as a hierarchical structure or tree and instead of using functions to manipulate information or perform actions, all possible operations you can think of are done by adding, removing or changing nodes from this tree. Since there are no functions to learn and everything is done intuitively, even inexperienced developers can create complex Web applications and services in record time.

I can’t believe this is for real. This comment on reddit sums my thoughts perfectly:

So… a language with all of the readability of XML and all the speed of Java… I only have one question…


Code samples here:

I’ve seen worse so i am not that surprised but no thanks! I would prefer LOLCODE instead. 🙂

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