State of the web

Summarized here  🙂

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South Park Zone

All South Park seasons online for you to enjoy or download at ^^

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The loudest rants on the net

For the last few months have been:

  1. Obama
  2. Legalizing Marijuana in US
  3. Atheists
  4. Functional Programming Languages
  5. Same bullshit in the Security world

I don’t know why but i have the feeling that marijuana might get legalized in at least some states in the US.

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Almost everything invisioned in those ads is accomplished nowadays. Very precise vision. 🙂

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Unicode fun

Click here and peek at all those strange Unicode language or non-language symbols from around the world belonging to the past or still used in the present. None from the future i guess… 😆

My favourites:


Cuneiform Numbers


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Microsoft’s vision of the future

As seen by the Microsoft Office Labs.

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