Ubuntu 10.10

Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat)

Has been released. Nab it at the usual place.


Ylmf OS is Ubuntu XP :)

A couple of screenshots that speak for themselves:

Ylmf was initially a pirated custom version of Windows XP but upon Microsoft cracking down on them they made the switch to Ubuntu and embarked on this epic journey of cloning Windows XP on top of it. They’re objective is to bring Ylmf to such a state that users with Windows (XP) habits wishing to switch to Linux are going to feel like home on their distro.

For the time being Ylmf looks and behaves pretty good and with enough work and involvement from the community they’re goal seems very achievable.

Homepage: www.ylmf.org


Why you should offer to install Ubuntu on girls pc’s

Here is the number one reason:


TIP: Don’t ask beforehand for the blowjob! Make it look like it it is her choice whether she should give it or not.