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Who am I

My name is Teodor Mircea Ionita, born in beautiful Romania. I wander the inter-tubes using the nom-de-guerre Shinnok. I chose this alias way back when I was a young netizen and one of my favorite games at the time was Mortal Kombat. Shinnok was the ultimate boss character, a fallen elder god, with incredible super-powers and the ability to impersonate any other character in the game. In my opinion, Shinnok was the best character so naturally, I started using that handle online and I stuck with it till this day.

What do I do

I'm a passionate Open Source advocate and C++ developer, Unix monk and opinionated sysadmin. I’ve been called an OSS head at least once, thus I tend to think of myself as a passionate community member and an eager contributor to several FLOSS communities/projects like MariaDB, LibreOffice, Nmap Security Suite, Openwall and the Qt project. I also try and play my part via technical blogging, participation at events and conferences, as well as involvement in knowledge and code exchange based communities like StackOverflow and GitHub. As a seeder to the ecosystem I authored several open-source tools, like Johnny a front-end to John the Ripper password security testing suite and Tarsnap GUI, a cross-platform desktop application for the Tarsnap secure online backup service. See projects section for more.

I am also into independent security research focusing on areas like network/computer security, reverse engineering, vulnerability research and exploit development, fuzzing, malware analysis, forensics and network vulnerabilities and exploitation. I guess I'm interested and get involved in a lot of challenging and exciting opportunities in information technology and security, software development and the internet. Lately I've also been toying with embedded systems and open hardware.

I might have a passion for gathering knowledge on literally everything cool in this universe, studying and researching on a wide variety of topics and exploring new fields and ideas does not intimidate me. Specialization is for insects. :-)

If you want to know me more poke at the Rants section of the website, it's my personal blog.

What about this website

I use this website as a repository to publish and keep track of my public projects and to collect useful material (like cheatsheets or code snippets) aggregated into a single place. It's nice to have what I find useful somewhere handy and easily accessible and hopefully, some other people will find it that way too. I occasionally announce, write or post interesting or funny thoughts on my blog, Shinnok's Rants, which is available under /rants/.

My (really) old website, #The Code, can be found here.

Contact & Follow

irc : shinnok on freenode mainly on #backtrack-linux, #linux, #debian, #ubuntu, #openwall, #nmap and #qt

E-mail : nqzva@fuvaabx.pbz

PGP key : shinnok.asc

Twitter :