Here you can find one category of my precious bookmarks collection called HCF = Hacking, Cracking & Forensics.

[Fri Apr 8 2011] Update:
Published latest version which currently packs a whooping 1926 bookmarks(previously 1343). I am currently considering presenting the bookmarks in a more pleasant readable/browsable form and in talks regarding a merge with the Open Penetration Testing Bookmarks Collection.

You can download the html bookmarks file and import it into your favorite browser(tested on Firefox and Chrome, though other should work) so that you can have all these cool organized hacking links and resources right in your browser and call your self a *proud* owner of Shinnok's HCF Bookmarks. If your not familiar with most of them then there is enough for you to keep you busy for an year or so. If you are familiar with some of them then this is the place to discover new stuff. If you are familiar with most of them then it's probably useful to have them easily accessible somewhere, like, your browser? Anyway I hope they are useful for you as they are for me. The organizing is not ultimate but who cares. When free time will be available I plan to do some polishing. Be good and I'll post my Warez Category too! >:)

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Lots of useful cheatsheets that i gathered on a variety of topics and organized on categories.

You will find cheatsheets on topics like:

  • Operating Systems
  • Programming/Scripting
  • Web
  • Tools
  • Technologies
  • ...
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Some stuff to keep you busy, just in case you are bored.

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