Parking ticket leads to a virus

Cars in the US had traffic violation tickets placed on the windscreen, which then directed users to a website.

The website claimed to have photos of the alleged parking violation, but then tricks users into downloading a virus.

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Genuine method I must admit.

"Attackers continue to come up with creative ways of tricking potential victims into installing malicious software.

"Merging physical and virtual worlds via objects that point to websites is one way to do this. I imagine we'll be seeing such approaches more often."

Very true indeed. Such type of attacks are really dangerous for the uninitiated and unsuspecting. I am pretty sure you know what happens if you write your phone number in college student campuses bathrooms? That's right, what about writing a website on the walls or doors in the following emo style: - OMG xD xD OMFG Profesor X naked webcam pictures! xD xD xD UNBLVBL...the truest thing :X:X:X >:)

What about fake student organization promotions, party announcements, homework websites, job offers, surveys,etc... Although many of these methods are kinda' overkill if done in less crowded places, since the same number, if not even more targets could be allured with online methods rather than physical real life ones.

Anyway it's an interesting special case of social engineering, in the sense that it doesn't require you to interact directly with a person, to own them.