SOHDAN is a computer search engine in the sense that it lets you search for computers/servers/routers by strings in the default banners spitted on the following currently supported ports:

  • HTTP 80
  • SSH 22
  • FTP 21
  • TELNET 23

A couple of basic filters have been implemented:

  • "port:" -  narrow search by port
  • "country:" - narrow searches by country
  • "hostname:" - match for specific strings in hostnames
  • "net:" -  narrow searches to specific ips or subnets
  • "os:" - narrow searches to specific operating systems

Put in basic words it is an immense database of ready scanned hosts for you to ... oh well, you know what to do. ;-)

The annoying thing is that you have to login to view more then one page of results or to use the net: filter, but i am sure that achillean had strong enough reasons to do that. Nonetheless the SHODAN is a great new type of search engine.

A couple of example searches:

Of course you can expand on those and create more specific searches, that's where the power of SHODAN relies, actually knowing what you are searching for and being specific about it.

Here is a brief intro from Shmoocon on what you can or cannot do with SHODAN: