I just stumbled on this NeXTSTEP 3 demo presented by Steve Jobs himself and i must admit, i was purely shocked about what NeXTSTEP was capable of in 92! YES, 1992, NeXTSTEP 3 was released in September 8, 1992, and this video is demoing the release in advance. Interface Builder(designer as we call them today), the fluidity, responsiveness and usability of the GUI, the database backends, the image and 3d rendering, not to mention network interoperability, all of these on the humble hardware platforms that were available at that time, i think that was pure magic and way head of its time. Some the features presented there aren't even available in todays(2011) Operating Systems and Platforms. In 1992 Microsoft was releasing Windows 3.1, Linux was just born a year earlier(still a baby) and Apple had the Macintosh OS. Nothing could compare with NeXTSTEP. Watch it, it's worth it and inspiring, not to mention the subtle jokes Steve is making at the competition, including Apple. That's probably the first time i've seen Jobs talk against Apple and its products. :-)